Video-portrait of Régis Le Nen, founder of the association Handic’Art.

« The day I was born, my guardian angel was still a novice and, not on purpose, he gave me a disability called “Cerebral Palsy”. School was tough. On my 14th birthday I was offered a turntable with LPs of French singers like Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Yves Duteil. Listening to their songs made me want to play with the words. I couldn’t read correctly because my eyes had a staring issue, just like the words were dancing together. One day, I learnt that people with CP had the same problem. Yet I had begun to write my own poems at the age of 15, when I heard that line from Gilles Servat: j’ai remplacé le verbe ‘chanter’ par ‘écrire’ (I replaced the verb ‘singing’ with ‘writing’).”


Starring and written by Régis le Nen
Director: Orian Tournafol
Voice-over: Emmanuel Lhullier
Postproduction: Jonathan Lester
Mixing – Editing: Orian Tournafol
Color grading: Forest Finbow

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