With its 6-year experience in cinema and AV, Lesterfilm—LF—has now become one highly talented production company: a genuine creative team.

Our core is filmmaking in all of its steps, from writing to post-production. Our passion is to tell stories on every screen, from the smaller to the bigger one.

LF, it’s a unique craftwork. a constant search for new ideas, new challenges. A
qualified crew with the same vision: to get the perfect match between rigor, daring and creativity.

Jonathan Lester
Forest Finbow
Tom Doumaux
Guilian Vaisset
Joris Julian
Orian Tournafol
Grégory Hernandez
Damien Favreau
Léa Bellec
Loïc Bon
Mario M.Maquedano
Alain Ouedraogo
Odilon Duval-Robert
Jean-Baptiste Durand
Quentin Dufournet
Alexandre Petazzoni
Tatiana Cabanel